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Nana`s Footsteps...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Moving Out

It's time to have my own house, so thanks heaps for blogspot for its accompaniment for the last 2 years. I am moving in http://nana.ferrydiansyah.com. See you there...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Girl Named Athena

She is a 2 years old baby girl, with brown curly hair and plump cheek. She's only a stubborn little child unnerving my placid, peaceful morning. She likes doing everything her way, never accepts the answer of 'No'. You just have to give an approval to her. Otherwise, she will just do everything you tell her not to, and pretends not to hear what anyone says, including her mommy.

She likes to yell, if something bothering her, and accidentally bumped her head on the wall, then she cries even louder. She likes to tease her sister when her sister seems to have much fun. It has got to be her and only her the one who has fun. She likes drinking milk, and gets really nagging when her bottle is empty. Fiuhhhh, I never knew that my first experience in taking care a child can be this difficult.

When she lays down on the carpet while drinking the milk and watching Dora The Explorer....
When she starts asking questions like 'What's that??' with her big curious eyes...
When she smiles and laughs at something and says 'That's funny'..
When she asks me to read her a book...
When she hugs me and said 'Bye bye, Nana' in the end of our meeting...

My heart is simply melting and the day becomes brighter than ever :). And when she doesn't show up in a day, I miss her, with all her naughtiness and cuteness.

Oh, btw, today is her 2nd birthday.
Happy Birthday, sweetie :)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Temporal End

It's the first of December and it's marked with snow falling down heavily from the sky. Temperature drop down to under 0 degree of Celcius. It's freezing cold yet the white of the fresh snow covering the surface seen from inside the house looks so amazing.

All the programs I was taking during the fall semester has ended. MSU Tesol' ESL Classes was the first to end. I was feeling sad since I enjoyed the class so much, I like the people and the teachers, and there wouldn't be another class with the same members next semester. Few people will surely take the class again but most people would concentrate further in their study.

Every Tuesday program has ended too, with a great potluck party at the end. But we're gonna meet again in the beginning of year 2007, and I'm looking forward to doing more great programs next year.

My Beginner Spanish Class has come to an end, too. I would go on to the next level in spring semester. Can't wait....

I took the GRE Test again. I am quite satisfied with the result, I already did my best, even if the score is not over-the-top, but that's the best I could do. If the department I am aspiring to go considers the score is not good enough, well... maybe that's not the way I am supposed to take.

Meanwhile... I am just waiting for Reza's winter break to come so that we can arrange what place to go in our holiday. Maybe we're just gonna go around Michigan considering that travelling in this very cold season is just not comfortable. Still, I am so excited.

I have many plans to take many classes in the next semester. Now that I have adpated to my surrounding,i feel it far more exciting. I also hope that I can write more in this blog, more regularly, so that this online life journal can keep the track of my life, every single day of it.

I hope all of you enjoy the holiday too :)
Happy holiday everyone!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Global Festival 2006

As a melting pot, US seems to give promises for opportunity-seekers and dreamers to quest for success because of wider chance this place offers, without too much cultural constraints. America, land of the free, home of the brave, that's what they say....

Despites strong dislikes to America in general, I couldn't agree more that if freedom is what people is trying to find out, then perhaps here is the right place to live your life. This is no absolute value, though. Things differ in many respects, depends on time, location and situation.

People all over the world come to this place with many reasons. As for East Lansing, since the city is the most part occupied by MSU, foreigners living here are usually students of MSU. I knew from the start that this place abounds with many foreigners especially from India, China (as might be expected)and Korea(surprisingly). But then, there came an event of Global Festival 2006. An event sponsored by ISA (International Student Association) which acknowledges the prevalence of varying culture, language, and custom from all over the world. I was so surpised knowing that there are more foreigners than what I have guessed.

The small-scale version of the world that day was coloured with stage performance in forms of dance, folk song, music, game, fashion show and display booths in separate room where each country was given a stall to display their traditonal objects and attributes.

I myself had the chance to perform Indonesian's traditional clothes, kebaya in fashion show. I was reluctant at first walking on the catwalk (dont think highly about this word, it is so not like what you may think of), but some friends persuaded me over and over that I eventually decided to participate. It was really an interesting experience. For once in my life, I really feel like a model hehehehe.....

The event was quite a fun and festive occasion. And our booth, in my opinion is the best booth of all. Permias members has put much effort in decorating, decorating and embellishing it. And their efforts finally really paid off. State Journal has put the picture of Indonesian booth in the next day's issue.

Other story can be found at Permias Website

Sunday, October 29, 2006


I come to this place almost everyday. The bus stop. Obviously, because I dont have a car to transport me anywhere. I only have a bike which in this nearly-0-degree season is no longer of much use. I can only depend on CATA Bus service whose bus stop is perfectly standing right behind my apartment. Initially, I was reluctant to come to the bus stop. Hmmmm, not the bus stop specifically, but Spartan Village building complex in general. At first sight, and then after recurrent gazes, I could not differentiate streets crossing over this complex and, in my eyes, all the buildings looked all the same. After a while, I am getting used to recognize my own apartment building.

When I opened the blinds early in the morning, every time I stepped out the house, in a second I stepped on the green house and when I come near the bus stop, there was always this same odd feeling. Was it fear? There was slightly fear there. Fear of being rejected, fear of incapability, fear of change. We fear the unexpected change, especially the bad one and worse, the PERMANENT one. I was just not ready, well I never would be ready.

But as time passes by, as they becomes more familiar, I developed intimate bonding while I am getting used to the routes, same routines, same roads. Basically, human feels a need of time to adapt to their new surrounding. The duration of it depends on the individual's ability. I might need a little longer. That is probably because I dont possess enough courage to make me fearless to try. When asked, I would simply answer : I am lazy. And.. obviously this 'lazy' things is contagious, cause people become unwilling to ask further questions hahahaha. That is the most irrevocable reply, since there`s no concrete solution except those that come from the very self of the individual. Do you know that the fear is able to build up a transparent wall surrounding us, which occlude our sight and chance of finding interesting things that probably do exist?

Once again, human needs adaptation and adjustments. The main key is time. Give yourself a try. Give yourself a chance to know our surrounding and then interact with it. It's not gonna be easy at the beginning but once you stepped over the boundary, you're safe. But remember, there will always be another boundaries of fear ahead. Get prepared :) Cause that's what life is about.


Halloween atmosphere fills up the air. The fact that all children in US are excited waiting this month to end to celebrate the Halloween makes Halloween issues and everything in relation to Halloween is so prevalent in every corner of the city. In three different activities I have during the week, Halloween theme is obviously become the center of discussion and activity. I also carved a pumpkin on Tuesday (that was my first experience) and it actually was really fun. The sale is lingering around halloween decorations, halloween costumes and pumpkins. I personally dont believe in the real essence of Halloween but I think so do the people here in US. In fact, Halloween here is celebrated as a media to have some fun mostly by children. People need a reason to hold a party. People need a reason to have some fun. Having some fun without reason is like wasting time. That's funny, isn't?

Altough I dont join the costume party, or the corn maze and I also dont have a child whom I prepare to go trick or treating, but I actually enjoy this cultural moment, with the fuss and the decorations. I thought that there will be some children knock on the door trick or treating but today my friend told me that they wont come to our apartments due to the cold weather. I dont have to prepare candies, then :)

Trick or treat!!

Eidul Fitri Celebration

The Eidul FItri Celebration in East Lansing was held on Monday, October 24th 2006. Fortunately, Reza found a sub to teach his morning class where he should have teached that day. So he could join the Idul Fitr prayer in Islamic Center. We woke up early that day and had some light meal and I fried some shrimp crackers for our potluck Idul Fitr feast (as I was already asked to bring). The weather was so cold that we need to wear warm outfits so that we could stay warm. After prayer we are headed to Mbak Ririn`s house where we had the feast together with Malaysian moslems.

Although I still miss the atmosphere of Idul Fitri in Indonesia which I believe would have been so different (it would have been so sacred yet in the same time so festive), I am still happy that I didnt have to spend the day alone, we get together in a family-like feast, and one more important thing that should be grateful upon: the GULE KAMBING (Indonesian Lamb Curry) was soooo delicious.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Reflection in the end of Ramadhan

Today is our last day of fasting. Tomorrow we have the celebration of Idul Fitri, marking the end of month-long fasting. For this passing week, I didnt realize that time flew by fast due to mounting activities I have this month. There is a little remorse for not giving this Ramadhan the best I could have given. I once promised myself that each year must improve upon the preceding year, in terms of quantity and quality of Islamic work. I hope that I've been successful in keeping it. Although once again, I think I could have given more. May Allah (God) bless us.

Worldly matters tends to drag human to forget heavenly affairs. Yet, this world is temporary. Everything in this world will some day vanish. The material world is no more solid than an idea or a concept in a person's mind. This material world is here one moment, then vanishes, and is then forgotten. I pray for His forgiveness and guidance. Amin.

For everything hurtful I have said and done to you, my friends, please forgive me. Minal Aidzin wal Faidzin. Let's go back to 0 point.

Insha'Allah, this Idul Fitri will bring us the best in Iman,
Happiness, Good Health, Hidayah (God's guidance), and Prosperity.

Happy Idul Fitri 1427 H!

The Bridges of Madison County

Maybe you`ve heard or read about this title many times, or you may even have watched the film, or read the novel. I found the book in the library and suddenly I have my curiosity aroused. Once I read the book, I just couldnt stop reading. On and on I was reading. I only stopped when it was the time for me to break fasting. I am lucky having Reza, so understanding a husband that he willingly cooked some food for dinner and sahur.

This book is about love. Since Oliver`s Story and Only Love (novels by Erich Segall), I had never found other books with interesting love story. Until I read this one. I am a pure naturalist, who has realistic system of thought, and doesnt like mawkish idea of love story in majority. But this one is an exception. It is a short story in essence but written in long description. This is also a long yearning of love grown from a very short encounter (4 days only!!), which has to be ended beacuse of cruel reality.

Has anyone seen the film yet?? I hope the film can actually represent the book . I dont want to disrupt the beauty of the story by watching the film as I realized that the idea of many stories I read has been distorted by the display of characters and story in a film.

PS. Dew, if you happen read this post, have you ever read this book yet?

Korean Fashion Show

On Friday night, I got an invitation attending a Korean Fashion Show. Thanks to my friend Jin Sun who has generously given the opportunity to watch the show. It was held in Peasant Hall,Wharton Center,MSU by a renowned Korean designer (I heard that she also designs dress for Miss Universes). The show was divided into 2 sections, Modern Korean and Traditional Korean. I can say that I like the Traditional Korean better than the Modern Korean. To my inexperienced eyes, the Modern Korean dress appears more or less similar to Modern Dress in general. Well, maybe the garment differs, but seriously I cant tell. But the Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) were magnificent. Some white models also came up on the stage wearing those beautiful dresses.
The whole performance (the clothes, the hair decoration, the hair style, the cute unique socks) reminds me of Jang Gem ( I dont know if I wrote that down correctly or not ), a Korean drama broadcasted in television program in Indonesia. It was like seeing the real show of ancient Korean's palace civilization. There were also some Korean children wearing Hanbok showed up in intermission, they looked so cute, lovely and natural. There was photo session in the last of the show but since we were fasting that day, our stomach fighted for rebellion. For the sake of health, we hurried to Taco Bell to have some fast-breaker.

Monday, October 16, 2006

We Were the Mulvaneys

This is one of things I do to fill up my free time. East Lansing Public Library offers wide variety of books that we can borrow. Just finished reading this book. In the main, I like it. I think Oates is a genius writer, describing punctiliously every part of the story. I dont know how she is able to do this. Sometimes I got lost inside the story because I can`t make a bridge between my limited vocabulary and Oates's GRE-word-usage tendency, but in overall I can catch the meaning of it.

If you are an avid reader, I recommend you to read this book. It tells us about how family values can easily be shattered by overmuch pride. It takes years and life to put the shattered parts together again. How sad...

If you are looking for fun reading, stay away from this one. This book`s emotional influence brings sad wonder because in my case, I`m a little bit disappointed reading the end part. After long meandering story exposed, Oates gives so little in the end part. Or... maybe that`s what she intended it to be.

Nice Afternoon on A Chilly Day

"Women desire regular intimate contact with their girlfriends," acknowledges Dr. Sherrod. "Men, on the other hand, can play a round of golf with a close friend once a year and that's enough."

I would say that, that is true, in the woman part (because I dont know the man part, I am not a man). Husband is unmistakably our lifetime friend, he provides assistance with affection whether I need it or not. BUT... when we want to simply discuss about
clothes, accessories, women stuff, well surely he still listens but WOULD he understand?? Conversation should work two ways. Without any feedback (not only grunting and nodding), it turns dry easily since it lacks emotional involvement from his side. I am not complaining, it is just the way it is.

That`s what girlfriends are for. That day, on a snowy day, me, Mee Hye and Jinsun went together on a lunch (I was free from fasting obligation that day) in Omi Sushi. I met them in English Tutoring Program at MSU. And we also join Every Tuesday together.The talk over lunch was nice , the food was nice, but the weather was not nice at all. Conversation got warmer when we continued talking in Starbucks coffee. I identify with them due to many things in common. Current status, experience, need. Agenda scheduled, plans designed. I am a happier person now.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

New Snow

I cant believe it`s snowing!!!!, the day before were sunny and it's still in the middle of October, to make things odder. But it was only light snow, falling down soo beautifully. Makes me remember this old song by Michael Ruff that I want to hear again soooo badly.I`ll just have to look up to find the CD. Too bad that those online music stores dont offer the song cause I am so determined to buy it.

Look, look out on the trees
Well from here it looks like crystal
Shining in the breeze
Look, look out on the land
Well it finally looks like winter
so just reach out your hand

Feel the new snow falling softly round me
a second chance to make things alright
Like a new love calling
new snow is falling
just outside my window tonight

She never said goodbye
she just walked out through the garden
and never told me why
she never shed a tear
now I’m watchin out my window
as her footprints disappear

until the new snow falling softly round me
a second chance to make things alright
Like a new love calling
new snow is falling
just outside my window tonight

New snow falling softly round me
a second chance to make things alright
[make things alright]
Like a new love calling
new snow is falling
Just outside my window tonight
Just outside my window tonight